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wet streak on living room wall from leaking toilet on second floor.

Leaking toilet in Muskego home

This home had a toilet leak on the second floor which made its way to the first floor of the home. The ceiling was affected and drywall. In this photo you can see the wet streak running down the wall. Leaks such as this can go on for quite some time before the damage shows itself. To make sure everything is probably dried out, some of this drywall and the ceiling was removed. We will only remove what is necessary. Just because a portion of the wall is wet, does not mean we need to remove the entire wall. Our crews just want to make sure that we get everything dried out properly, otherwise you could have mold issues down the road. SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha County/West Franklin is the restoration name you know and trust. Give us a call and we’ll prove it to you.

walls with drywall removed showing wet studs from leaky roof

Roof leak in Milwaukee home

This Milwaukee homeowner had a roof leak in her home. Roof leaks can cause significant water damage as you can see in this photo. Often times roof leaks can be difficult to find. Just because the visual damage inside your home is in one area, doesn’t mean the actual leak is coming from that same area. Also, if it is a slow leak, it could take some time before you notice visual damage on your ceiling and walls. Whatever the case, SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha County/West Franklin can clean up any water damage, whether it comes from a roof leak, sump pump failure, appliances in your home or Mother Nature.

after photo of removed drywall when roof leaked at commercial facility due to ice dam

Ice dam at assisted living facility

This was a job we worked on during the Polar Vortex in early 2019. Ice dams were a major issue during this time as we had large amounts of snow that would freeze and melt, freeze again and melt. This can cause ice dams on roofs which can lead to water leaking into your home or business. This assisted living facility had some minor water damage when they suffered from an ice dam. This was a repeat customer. While we hope that you don’t ever have to use us at all, let alone a second time, we are so glad that the customer was so pleased the first time that they called us again. We will only remove necessary materials. You can see in this photo we only removed the drywall that was needed to make sure that everything was dried out properly so they didn’t have mold issues down the road. SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha County/West Franklin is your one stop shop for all of your water damage needs, big or small.

Plastic containment in dinette area of home

Setting up containment

This homeowner had a sink on their second floor that overflowed and affected their dinette area on the first floor. While we performed demo in that area that was affected, we put up containment so that any debris/dust was contained to that area without affecting other areas of the home. The containment process also allowed us to more effectively dry this area as it wasn’t the whole dinette area that was affected. We want to make sure that we only do what’s necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We’ve handled hundreds of water damage jobs and have state of the art equipment and the latest technology available to us so we can get your home back to its preloss condition as soon as possible.

Wet carpet in bedroom in fully finished basement

Sump pump failure in Franklin home

Sump pump failures are one of the most common causes of water damage in basements, especially when they are trying to battle heavy rains. This Franklin homeowner had a sump pump failure in her basement. This was a fully finished basement and you can see the saturation of the carpet. All of he carpet, carpet pad, baseboards and door trim had to be removed and disposed of. We always want to make sure that everything is dried properly and damaged materials disposed of otherwise you could face mold issues down the road. While we can also take care of any mold problems that you may have, we want to prevent it from happening if possible.

Photo in kitchen where microwave was mounted above stove, started on fire

Microwave starts on fire

This homeowners microwave started on fire. In this photo, damage looks almost nonexistent but what you can’t see is the terrible smoke odor that traveled throughout the home. Smoke odor can cause a significant amount of damage, especially to the contents of the home. The 1st and 2nd floors were affected by the smoke odor. Our team did a full pack out of all of the contents and they had to be professionally cleaned. The structure also had to be cleaned and sealed. We have special sponges that we use where we have to wipe down all surfaces multiple times in order to remove the soot that causes the odor. SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha County/West Franklin has extensive experience in cleaning and restoring your home to it’s preloss condition from any fire, big or small.  

photo of water damage from burst pipe on carpet and tile in commercial building

Multiple pipe breaks at commercial facility

This was a job we worked on early 2019 during the Polar Vortex. This was a very large commercial building with multiple floors. Our crew was called out to clean up water damage from a burst pipe. As they worked on cleaning up the damage, additional pipe burst occurred on multiple floors. This job went on for several weeks as Wisconsin suffered from some very frigid temperatures. No matter how big or small the job, SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha County/West Franklin can handle it all. Disaster also never waits for regular business hours, so whether you have an emergency in the middle of the night, on the weekend or on a Holiday, we are here for you.

hallway after flooring, baseboards and 2 feet of drywall removed with our air movers drying the structure

Air movers in action

Our technicians were called in to this children’s hair salon to dry out the structure and perform some demo work after water from a sprinkler head caused some significant water damage. Affected materials included drywall, insulation, baseboards and flooring. The hallway of the building pictured above shows several of our air movers strategically placed to dry the structure out as quickly as possible.

Moisture sensors and meters

We use several different types of moisture meters and sensors to identify wet materials. Pictured above is a penetrating moisture meter which has probes to allow our team to test certain materials for moisture beneath the surface. Knowing the moisture content level allows our technicians to track the drying progress and let us know when everything is back to its normal moisture level.

Ready to take on some mold!

Ever wonder how our technicians suit up for a mold remediation job? Working in environments such as these, our crews wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including full body suits, rubber/latex gloves and eye protection. Pictured above is a full-face respirator mask. SERVPRO of North Kenosha is equipped to handle all types of mold.

Restore vs. Replace

Our technicians here at SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha/West Franklin take a restore vs. replace approach if at all possible. As you can see in this photo, each wall in this bathroom has different drywall cuts. Our technicians will do the job right and only remove the materials that are necessary which equate to lower costs for our clients.

Pipe burst underneath homeowner's sink

This homeowner had a pipe burst underneath their sink. Water damage affected about half of their home. The kitchen, hallway, laundry room, dining room and living room all affected on the first floor and the basement as well. You can see in this photo what the moisture did to the flooring in the kitchen. Significant demo had to be performed in the kitchen, hallway, dining room and living room.