Photo Gallery

Air movers in action

Our technicians were called in to this children’s hair salon to dry out the structure and perform some demo work after water from a sprinkler head caused some significant water damage. Affected materials included drywall, insulation, baseboards and flooring. The hallway of the building pictured above shows several of our air movers strategically placed to dry the structure out as quickly as possible.

Moisture sensors and meters

We use several different types of moisture meters and sensors to identify wet materials. Pictured above is a penetrating moisture meter which has probes to allow our team to test certain materials for moisture beneath the surface. Knowing the moisture content level allows our technicians to track the drying progress and let us know when everything is back to its normal moisture level.

Ready to take on some mold!

Ever wonder how our technicians suit up for a mold remediation job? Working in environments such as these, our crews wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including full body suits, rubber/latex gloves and eye protection. Pictured above is a full-face respirator mask. SERVPRO of North Kenosha is equipped to handle all types of mold.

Restore vs. Replace

Our technicians here at SERVPRO of Southeast Waukesha/West Franklin take a restore vs. replace approach if at all possible. As you can see in this photo, each wall in this bathroom has different drywall cuts. Our technicians will do the job right and only remove the materials that are necessary which equate to lower costs for our clients.

Pipe burst underneath homeowner's sink

This homeowner had a pipe burst underneath their sink. Water damage affected about half of their home. The kitchen, hallway, laundry room, dining room and living room all affected on the first floor and the basement as well. You can see in this photo what the moisture did to the flooring in the kitchen. Significant demo had to be performed in the kitchen, hallway, dining room and living room.